Simulating planned operational modes of the waterworks Essen-Überruhr concerning their hydrogeological influence and their internal producibility
Wassergewinnung Essen GmbH

Project summary
The planned operational mode of the waterworks Essen-Überruhr was tested concerning its geohydraulic influence and its internal producibility with the help of a groundwater model. Additionally the impact on the groundwater flow situation with and without a cut-off both at mean water level and high-water level of the Ruhr should be established. To answer these questions

  • a twodimensional unsteady groundwater model was created.
  • This model is calibrated on the mean water level of the Ruhr.
  • Unsteady high-water situations were predicted.
  • About 20 different scenarios were calculated and evaluated altogether.
  • Speciality: Modelling the collecting pipes in the model. To model a lifter system approximately in a groundwater model the water level differences between the collecting pipes can be determined.So the differences in height of a reference collecting pipe are defined relatively to the reference pipe of each collecting pipe.